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Our excellently priced components and PC systems are easily the best choice. Send us an e-mail with any enquiries or you're own custom specs for a free quote. We offer: Custom-built PC systems, ready-built PC systems, hardware and components ranging from 3D cards to cases.

SPECIAL FOR THIS MONTH: nVidia GeForce FX - it's finally arrived! The nVidia FX-20 GeForce FX5200 graphics card, 128 MB DDR Ram, AGP 8x and DirectX 9+ support, 350 mhz clock, 128 bit, Crossbar memory architecture and more... all for only R2499!!

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR PRICING AND PRODUCTS PAGE AFTER THE LATEST UPDATE! May 15th 2003! We now supply webcams, digital cameras, the 3.06ghz P4 and the latest Geforce FX-80 with AMAZING DDRII (800mhz) memory and a super-fast clock speed! All the features of the FX-20 + MORE! Only R4999!

Our services

We provide quality PC components and ready-built systems to meet your performance and specification requirements! Our superior PC systems have been immensely popular, compare our prices to retailers around the country and be amazed!

Location and Delivery

We are based in Cape Town, you may either collect the PC or components or there will be free delivery within a certain area, further than that a small fee will be added for a courier to deliver the product to your door.
Our prices are amazing, and you'd never have to use another retailer again!

For more information about who we are and the benefits of our products and services, go to our About page
page. For questions, link to our Contact page.

Ordering Information.

To order products, send us an e-mail, you may also ask for a custom quote on a set of specifications you set out. Or for an information packet, send an e-mail request to